Unnamed Object (accordion to whom?)

2015 - 2018

pressure-washer-inflated cold rolled mild steel, found chair, garden hose

Unnamed Object (accordion to whom?) installed at the School of the Art Institute 2015

Unnamed Object (accordion to whom?) at Fat City, 2017

Unnamed Object (accordion to whom?) was inflated in the backyard of Chateau Drake in Chicago’s Humbolt Park from flat steel panels welded together at the seem. From 11 am to 4 pm on March 18th 2015 a rented pressure washer expanded the stack until enough leaks developed that the form would no longer expand. The yard was left to freeze while the drained form was strapped to a tow cart and biked to the School of the Art Institute for display. Post display at the School of the Art Institute, the piece was left to rust in the backyard of Fat City in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. In August of 2018 the piece was stolen from the yard and it’s current whereabouts are unknown.