Burl Book


Red Oak burl, latex paint, birch ply, marine foam, galvanized piping, patch kit, hardware

red oak burl book alt. (2016_09_03 20_18_36 UTC).JPG

Burl Book is a found Red Oak burl sliced into very thin pages with a Re-Saw to observe or “read” the fluctuating growth rings within the massive burl. Proper display was achieved together with safe containment by molding the burl in marine foam within a travel box that doubles as the fragile item’s pedestal. A patch kit within the box allows for simple repair of the box itself and for any pages that may fall out of the book. Burl Book was made for for no space at the Chicago Artist’s Coalition.

Installation images of for no space


For further information regarding the cause and typical formation of tree burls see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burl