Armature for a Landscape Painting (oil and water)


Titanium white oil paint, water, fish tank, reclaimed steam bent oak trim, pudding stone tile, Sangean radio, electrical wire, FM transmitter, lichen, found painting, Vermetidae shell, audio composition (train running over bridge in Chicago brownlands while barge passes below, hiking the John Muer Trail)

Armature for a Landscape Painting (oil and water) consists of a ten gallon tank filled with water and titanium white oil paint supported by an armature of reclaimed oak steam bent into a sturdy architecture. The oil paint slowly separated into oil and titanium powder over the month long duration of for no space at the Chicago Artist’s Coalition. Over the course of about a month, stalactites and stalagmites constantly released until all powder was on the bottom, and all oil on the top. An FM radio transmitter from the gallery office transmitted the audio composition on a loop which was then picked up by the radio on the armature. Unfortunately the thirteen minute long composition was lost following the theft of a computer, it layered the sounds of birds, trains, barges, and soft banjo music.

Installation images of for no space


For information on the Vermetidae worm visit: