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46.5 (basement install view).jpg

slit - silt, a series of performative systems made primarily from Expanded Polystyrene and Valentino Pier paint chips foraged along New York City waterways and installed at Ground Level Platform. Chicago, 2019

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Re-Material Wall, copper corals and yellow trumpet vines grow while the architecture rusts and the frame warps at Socrates Sculpture Park, 2018 - Current

car cairn (trophying the problem)
two month collection, 2018.jpg
Microcosm taxonomy with a ying yang stone
new crab (lost cairn) at socrates(1).jpg
microcosm beta photo.jpg
detail of microplastic sand.JPG

Microcosms, Cairns, Crabs, Taxonomies, and Ruins, work produced from detritus found on New York City shorelines, 2017 - Current


This Sculpture Will Change, a copper tree slowly grows while rust marks each year’s flood line at Salem Art Works, , 2017 - Current


armature for a case of lilies, water lilies grow between two narrow panes of glass atop a sliced and polished side table, 2017
Armature for a Landscape Painting (lilies and pop), water lilies grow between two old windows while the top one hundred pop chart is layered into a single audio track on random loop, 2016-2017

still life.jpg
still life detail.jpg

Still Life, Pepto-Bismol pours from a trunk that is framed under a marble topped table until the moisture evaporates, 2017


Poking Holes in the Ceiling, A small group of individual artists are asked to carpool from their city to another regional city. Ideas for a collaborative exhibition are generated during the duration of the drive, and the corresponding work is produced during the following 1-2 days before the exhibition. Car Pool Route 4 was hosted by the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design from October 8th through November 8th, 2016 and featured artist’s Leander Knust, Nora Chin, and Daniel Hojnacki.

armature for a landscape painting oil and water
armature for a landscape painting oil and water detail

armature for a landscape painting (oil and water), oil separates from pigment while the radio is tuned in to an audio loop of mid-western woods and industry, 2016

3 (2016_09_06 21_24_34 UTC).JPG
red oak burl book

burl book, a red oak burl is sliced into thin pages and displayed atop it’s own travel case, 2016

4_inherence applied study 7.jpg
inherence applied, mother with study 4 alt. (2016_09_06 21_24_34 UTC).JPG

inherence applied, generations of cast replicas originating from an ash tree segment, 2016
Slough, the bark and latex skin from transmitting surface detail in multiple inherence applied studies, 2016

the mussel makes the shell
the mussel makes the shell detail of steel and wood

the mussel makes the shell, a topographical steel replica of an Ash burl, 2015

reflections on use (the other side of the flipper) alt. (2016_09_06 21_24_34 UTC).JPG

on use, ash bark, latex mold, acrylic mirror, reclaimed steam bent oak, peg board hook, Oceanic flipper, 2016

forest and fat city.jpg

Fat City is a home, a studio, a flux residency, a gallery and an event space 2015 - Current.

Unnamed Object       (accordion to whom?)  , pressure inflated steel, garden hose, chair,   2015

Unnamed Object (accordion to whom?), pressure inflated steel, garden hose, chair, 2015